Publications & Communications Specialist – Berkeley, CA

Where: Uc Bwerkeley Law Library – Berkeley, CA

What: With input of Director, helps coordinate the printed and/or electronic production of books, catalogs, publications, manuscripts, promotional and other materials. May confer with writer/editors, communications design specialists, web programming specialists, project directors and related staff in the preparation of proposed publications; verifies that format of copy conforms to printing and/or electronic publishing specifications. Under supervision of Assistant Director, manages and updates Robbins website, including exhibits, news items, online research resources for scholars. Consults Director to ensure efficient storage systems are in place to include desktop publishing and image scanning. Develops and assists with digitization projects, including photographing, editing, storing and ensuring public access when applicable. Under supervision, produces variety of communications materials with text and imagery, including display case and digital exhibits, print and electronic newsletters, brochures, posters, and invitations for upcoming events. Drafts and edits Robbins written communications. Helps prepare video and audio tools for visitors to Collection. Works with other units at Berkeley Law, UC Berkeley, and outside UC Berkeley on publications and communications projects as needed. Helps supervise student employees assigned to work on Robbins publications and communications projects.

Required Skills of Note: Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience; Ability to read a language in addition to English including, but not limited to, French, Latin, Greek, or German

Job Posted:

First Review Deadline: 3/21/2017

Link to Job Description!

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