Library Americorps Member – Oakland, CA

Where: Oakland International High School – Oakland, CA

What: To provide coaching, mentoring, and literacy/book access for OIHS’s newly-arrived immigrant students, and support student engagement through school-wide events and new student orientations

Required Skills of Note:

  1. Provide home-work and school-work help through small group tutoring in the library during class pull-outs and after school
  2. Host “reading clubs” for students at various grade levels to support their reading growth and engagement with literacy
  3. Connect students to grade-appropriate books and oversee checkout system, in collaboration/with input from teachers
  4. Conduct survey with teachers/staff on library needs and help OIHS secure additional library and literacy materials (through donations and purchase)
  5. Help orient newly-arrived students to the school (providing school tours, teaching students how to use their email and lockers, and connecting students to the library and wellness resources)
  6. Create and implement reading awards system to recognize student progress, incentivize student reading, deepen a culture of reading at OIHS
  7. Support with reading and lexile data analysis and reports

Job Posted: 5/01/2017

First Review Deadline: 6/01/2017

Link to Job Description!

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