School Library/ Multi Media Technician – San Jose, CA

Where: Brooktree Elementary Berryessa Unified School District – San Jose, CA

What: Supervises use of the School Library/Instructional Media Center (IMC) for the purpose of coordinating proper use of the facility.  Conducts classes in a variety of formats (e.g., storytelling, puppet plays, etc.); distributes various educational resources.  Educates students, teachers and parents on the proper use of the library resources (e.g., classification system, on-line card catalog, care of materials), and use of educational software and internet applications.  Inventories equipment in the library collection; processes orders for educational resources (library collection, textbooks, AV equipment, computer hardware/software, multi-media materials, etc.).  Promotes library use related to special holidays, seasonal activities, etc. Researches availability of materials and media; assists teachers, students, and other personnel to identify resource materials for use in the classroom and or class assignments; maintains audio visual equipment. Coordinates work of media center assistants and student aides.  Maintains inventory records of items received, delivered, and available; assures proper levels to meet school and classroom requirements. Operates computer to maintain student and textbook data; inspects and handles incoming inventory for conformity, shortage, damages and other discrepancies; communicates with supervisor, publishers and vendors by phone or email. Attends workshops/trainings; performs variety of clerical work, including word processing, spreadsheets, filing and inventory control; prepares bulletin boards and displays.

Required Skills of Note:  High School diploma or equivalent.  One year library work desirable.  Prior job related experience, paid or volunteer, with children; valid Red Cross First Aid/CPR card desirable.  Ability to read, write and communicate in English; Criminal Justice Fingerprint Clearance; valid California Drivers License and Tuberculin Clearance.

Job Posted: 5/23/2017

First Review Deadline: 6/6/2017 4:00 PM Pacific

Link to Job Description!

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