Library Support Specialist – San Mateo, CA

Where: San Mateo County Community College School District

What: The Library Support Specialist involves paraprofessional work related to assisting library patrons in the use of a college and countywide network of libraries, library resources, related services, and activities. Under direction, the employee assists librarians and other faculty in providing technical, electronic, and direct information to library patrons about policies, procedures, circulation services, online access, database resources, fees, returns, and other information. The Library Support Specialist provides assistance to library patrons in an open access library lab and/or with other library-based computer mediated resources. The employee also maintains confidentiality of the databases for library patrons. Public contact is extensive and involves students, staff, the general public, vendors, other educational institutions, community, and business representatives to exchange information related to library access and resource availability. A Library Support Specialist can monitor the work of clerical and other staff, library interns, and student assistants.

Required Skills of Note:

  • Knowledge of the resources, technology (integrated library systems, Banner, Websmart), procedures, services and policies commonly applicable to academic and public library systems
  • Skill in using a variety of computer software to research and catalog library materials, and to prepare statistical, financial, demographic, and other data for special and regular reports
  • Skill in use of the Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, and web-based content management systems


Job Posted: 5/26/2017

First Review Deadline: 6/14/2017

Link to Job Description!

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