Reference and Circulation Services Manager – Santa Clara, CA

Where: Santa Clara university – Santa Clara, CA

What: The Reference and Circulation Services Manager manages and provides leadership for the core public services provided to students, faculty and staff. The position is critical to providing excellent service and timely access to a wide range of information resources. This position ensures that everyone that provides general library help and reference services (including full-time staff and librarians) is expertly trained and meets performance expectations. The Reference and Circulation Services Manager is responsible for directly supervising 2 full-time staff, supervising all student assistants, and overseeing the work of other full-time staff. The Reference and Circulation Services Manager creates, coordinates, implements and evaluates Reference, Circulation, Privileges, and other services that ensure access to information. The position is also responsible for training all student assistants, full-time staff, and librarians who provide services at the single service point. The Manager also has primary responsibility for managing the staffing and delivery of the reference appointment service.

Required Skills of Note:

  • Extensive knowledge of library operations and the ability to apply prior experience to new and/or different situations.
  • Expertise in using online library systems and searching online and print information resources, including databases and Internet sources.
  • Knowledge of ADA requirements and familiarity with adaptive technologies.
  • Capability to troubleshoot basic computer problems, with extensive knowledge of the Windows environment.

Job Posted: 6/02/2017

First Review Deadline: 6/23/2017

Link to Job Description!

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