LT Program FAQs

What is the library technology program?

A graduate of the library technology program is well prepared for employment in a wide variety of library and information centers. A library technology student gains an in-depth understanding of information organization and retrieval, the technology used in libraries, and the skills to assist library users.  The program is 19 units of course work culminating in a California community college Certificate of Achievement or an Associate of Science degree with a major in Library Technology.

Why study library technology?

Library technicians have exciting and dynamic careers working with ever changing technologies. Library technicians also work with people, offering assistance and education to library patrons, clients, students and faculty in diverse work environments. Libraries are changing rapidly, and library technicians enjoy the exciting challenge of continuously learning new skills to keep pace with changing technologies.

How long will it take to earn a certificate/degree?

Students may complete the courses required for a Certificate of Achievement in as little as three semesters, but the length of the program will depend on how many classes a student is able to take each semester. Earning an Associate of Science degree requires completing DVC’s general education requirements.

When are classes offered?

Most courses are taught in the evenings and on Saturdays. One required course is taught in a fully online mode. Otherwise, the classes are taught face-to-face and also utilize online learning systems to supplement classroom time.

Where will classes be held?

Classes are held at the Diablo Valley College Campus in Pleasant Hill.

321 Golf Club Rd Pleasant Hill, Ca 94523

Map and Directions

Are there online class options?

Only one class is offered as an online option. However, all classes utilize an online learning system to supplement classroom time.

Do I have to have previous work experience in libraries to complete the DVC LT program?

Previous experience is not required. The  program is designed for students without prior experience who are interested in working in the library field. The classes provide comprehensive career training. Students can complete the entire program or take individual classes for continuing education opportunities.

How technologically literate do I need to be in order to complete the program?

Basic computer skills are needed to complete coursework. Classes in the program will teach you how to use the technology a library assistant would use on the job. New students may be advised on whether improving computer skills is recommended.

Where can I find more information about the DVC LT program?

Visit the LT program’s college web site. Additionally, join the program’s Facebook group and continue following this  blog site.

Will I need a PC or Mac for this program?

Use of a computer at home is helpful for completing assignments. Either a Mac or PC is fine to use. Additionally, computers are available for use on campus.

Program Contact Information

  • Andy Kivel – Program lead,  DVC library faculty – – 925.969.2586

Who are the faculty in the program?

The faculty are all experienced professionals currently working in the field. Check out their brief profiles here.

What kinds of jobs will I be qualified for after completing the program?

Some of the various job titles include: Library Technician, Library Assistant, Instructional Media Assistant, Information Specialist, Digitization Technician, and Library Media Specialist. Job announcements on this site are updated weekly.

What is the salary range for jobs in this field?

Commonly between $30,000-$50,000.


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